There are two ways you can relax the body:

1. Physically (Progressive relaxation) – loosen up the muscles to relax the mind.

2. Mentally (Autogenic relaxation) – unwind the brain to settle down the body.

This physical relaxation technique works best with closed eyes.

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth when doing each body section (one area at a time).

Starting with your:


Point toes away from you for 15 seconds

                Flex (point toes toward the ceiling) for 15 seconds

                Relax toes for 5 seconds

Legs –

Tighten for 15 seconds

Relax for 5 seconds


Tighten for 15 seconds

                   Relax for 5 seconds

Abdomen –

Tighten by squeezing stomach in tight 15 seconds

                         Relax by letting belly come out and hang loose 5 seconds

Glutes or buttocks –

Tighten by squeezing cheeks together for 15 seconds

                        Relax by releasing for 5 seconds

Shoulders –

Tighten by pushing shoulders toward ears for 15 seconds

                     Relax by lowering shoulders to the normal position for 5 seconds

Arms –

Tighten by pointing fingers and stretching arms for 15 seconds

                    Relax by folding fingers and letting shoulders sink back for 5 seconds

Neck and face –

Lean neck to the right shoulder for 15 seconds

Raise head up for 5 seconds

Stretch neck to the left shoulder for 15 seconds

Raise head up for 5 seconds

Tighten face by turning to one side and making the ugliest face you can for 15


               Relax by turning face back to the front and smiling for 5 seconds

Repeat on the other side

End the routine by contracting the full body, starting with the toes and moving up to the face, hold for a count of 15 seconds, breathing in through the nose as you count 1 second……..15 seconds; then slowly puff out through your mouth, counting 1 second…….30 seconds, relaxing the toes, legs, thighs, stomach and glutes, shoulders and arms, and neck and face last.

Your body should feel exhilarated and less stressed.

NOTE: It will take approximately 4 minutes if you hold for 30 seconds.

I’d love to hear your comments about what you thought of the relaxation exercise.