wolf in sheeps clothingwolf in sheeps clothingwolf in sheeps clothing Have you ever had the feeling that something was too good to be true?

Like winning an expense paid trip to Hawaii.

Perhaps getting a new car donated to you.

Maybe meeting ‘that special man’ who is too good to be for real.

He seems to be perfect in every way – kind, generous, sensitive, considerate, and good looking.

Beware because sometimes when a thing seems to be ‘too good to be true,’ it really is too good to be true.

I dated a guy once who seemed to have everything I desired in a man – tall, dark and handsome, intelligent, professional, well-spoken, and considerate at first.

As the relationship progressed, he became sarcastic and verbally abusive.

I discovered he had a drug problem and learned a valuable lesson – you can’t judge the inside of a vessel by what you see on the outside.

Most of you would investigate and check out the free trip to Hawaii and the new car before you started planning your trip.

I think you should also check out ‘that special man’ who seems to be perfect.

I’m not talking about spying and doing an FBI investigation.

I’m suggesting you watch out for signs of inconsistencies.

Observe for signs of manipulation, deceit, dishonesty, and incongruencies.

The devil masquerades in sheep clothing when he is really a ravenous wolf.

And he will get you, and me, when we let our guard down.

Maybe the gentleman is the perfect guy and you really do get what you see. Fantastic! Praise God! Be thankful!

But remember – If you feel that something is ‘too good to be true,’ it usually is and it’s best to check it out.

The measure of a person’s real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out_________________________Anonymous