I’ve been editing and rewriting my third novel, UNEXPECTED COMPATIBILITY, since 2011. When I think it’s ready to be submitted, I find out something I don’t know. And back to the editing cycle again.

I first thought it was ready in 2013 when I attended a writers’ conference and was brave enough to have my first page read by a panel of agents. When the agents anonymously read and tore apart my first three pages, I was devastated. Afterward, I met one-on-one with an agent specializing in my genre. I was so nervous that I couldn’t verbalize the theme or plot of my book.

But I didn’t throw in the towel!

I didn’t give up!

I went back to the design table, so to speak, and started taking online courses, ordering books, and buying books on the craft of creative writing. I still don’t know everything but have learned a lot since delving into the art of storytelling.

In2016, I thought it was ready to be published, but decided to treat myself with a slew of books for Christmas, which took several months to complete. I completed the ‘story grid’ by Shawn Coyne and realized more that I didn’t know.

But I must admit that I felt more knowledgeable about the content of my novel after completing the story grid.

I ordered a couple of editing software programs and went through the book one final time, I assumed, after finishing the story grid.

Finally, I’m at the stage to hire a freelance editor to help me fine-tune my work, I thought.

As I read her website, I discovered there was still more “I didn’t know.”

So I’m still studying my craft.

I downloaded three of her books, read them thoroughly, and took notes.

I treated myself to three editing software for Christmas 2018.

It’s 2022, and I’ve changed my genre and revamped my book again – I will get it right because I will not give up.

And, I will reap a harvest if I do not lose heart and give up!

Have you come to the conclusion that there is still much for you to learn?