Do you sometimes fear to witness to others because you will say the wrong thing or not be able to think of scriptures to validate what you’re saying?

I feel that way sometimes.

I also fear that the person I’m witnessing to may be argumentative and I will not be able to respond adequately to their statements.

I know, it sounds like I think I’m doing everything in my own power and might.

I must remember that I can do nothing without Christ and the Holy Spirit living within me.

But I can do all things through Him.

I’ve heard ministers and preachers say that all a Christian needs to do to witness is to tell their testimony – to tell what Jesus has done for them.

So I forget all the fluff.

I disregard the eloquence.

I overlook all the worrying about self.

I just tell others what God has done for me and let them see the blessings he has bestowed upon me.

What about you?

“If you want your neighbor to see what the Christ Spirit will do for him, let him see what it has done for you.”

___________________________Henry Ward Beecher