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In this twisting novel, a new bride’s devotion turns to fear after marrying the wrong one.

After a tumultuous courtship, multiple accusations of infidelity, and aggressive behavior, Hannah Cotton still marries Scotty Brian, believing she can change him into the godly husband she desires. After the death of his only child, Charlessa Brian, on their wedding night, Scotty talks less to Hannah and resumes visiting his psychic daily. After four weeks of marriage, Hannah overhears her new husband communicating with his dead daughter.

Still obsessed with killing Lenny Woodson, the man Scotty thinks is sleeping with Hannah, Scotty is even more fixated on executing Boston Matheson, the man he believes is responsible for his daughter’s death. Scotty hires a private investigator to discover everything about Charlessa’s former boyfriend, learning that Boston Matheson is an educated, sophisticated drug baron called BM, for Boss Man and Big Man.

Boston turns out to be more notorious and high-ranking than Scotty expects. Having started as a Chicago gang leader, he maneuvers his way into a respectable position, acquiring a Master of Business Administration from Northwestern University and owning a trucking business that he uses to transport illegal drugs.

Hannah determines to make the marriage work, refusing to look at Scotty’s behavior, acknowledging he didn’t demonstrate Christian behavior of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and self-control. Scotty talks the religious talk, but he doesn’t walk the walk. She shrugs off Scotty’s negative behaviors, constantly making excuses for his obnoxious and disrespectful attitude.

Toward the fourth month of matrimony, Hannah begins therapy with Dr. Joyce due to sadness, lethargy, and depression, hoping to return to her joyfulness, energy, and enthusiasm. Hannah works at being a virtuous, righteous, obedient, and submissive wife, while Scotty becomes more abusive and starts spending time and money on other women.

Scotty befriends Boston on a train trip, visits him in Chicago, and portrays himself as a surrogate father. He attempts to entice BM to his hometown, Madison, WI, to have him executed.

After not seeing Lenny since the wedding crash, Scotty spots Lenny at a park and unsuccessfully tries to run Lenny down. Scotty begins spying on Hannah and spots her and Lenny chatting at a business conference. He attacks Lenny in the hotel lobby, falls to the floor, and is again unsuccessful in his assault. He turns his tirade onto Hannah, who dashes from the room, leaving him on the floor shouting.

After months of following Hannah and being unable to discover any infidelity, Scotty returns his focus to Boston Matheson. He connects with the drug lord of Madison, Death Cop, and informs him that BM plans to take over his territory.

In the meantime, Scotty continues charming Boston until BM visits Madison. The plan does not go as Scotty imagined, and BM leaves Madison unharmed. Scotty hatches another plan for Drug Enforcement Agents to search Boston’s delivery trucks. DEA finds Illegal drugs, but BM gets off because the officers neglected to obtain a search warrant.

After two years of marriage and Scotty’s abuse progressing from verbal to physical, and evil spirits manifesting more profoundly, Hannah tells Scotty to leave her home. Demonic creatures visualize and threaten Hannah. She and her sisters defeat the creatures through prayer, and Scotty goes. After the separation, Death Cop’s posse’ brutalizes Scotty when he learns Scotty planned to use him to execute Boston.

When Hannah spots Scotty at an outpatient medical clinic in a wheelchair with a trachea tube, her pulse and breath accelerate, fearful of a verbal attack, then her heart grieves for him as tears fill her eye sockets. Her palpitations and rapid breathing creep away as she drags her feet from the floor. No anxiety. No anger toward Scotty. Her body feels relaxed, like it is floating on a feather. She realizes she is at peace. A broad smile covers her face, and her arms swing as she strolls with her chin up and her head high, knowing she has passed the test of unforgiveness and is finally FREE!

The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter Revelations 8:11 (NIV).

Wormwood is a sequel to B H Carter’s debut novel, Bedeviled. It is a fascinating account of Hannah’s journey to finding the courage to trust her sixth sense and live life abundantly. Readers everywhere will be on the edge of their seats as they read B H Carter’s suspenseful novel, Wormwood,  leading the reader through Hannah’s path to breaking free from an abusive relationship.

WORMWOOD is a powerful novel inspiring those struggling with breaking free from unequally yoked partnerships.