Barbara Harvey Carter

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A chance encounter or a divine challenge?


When Scotty Brian is mesmerized by Hannah Cotton after sitting behind her at a theater, he desires to meet her. He pesters one of his employees, whose aunt is Hannah’s friend until Hannah agrees to date him.

One date leads to several as Scotty’s intelligence, confidence, and gift-giving beguile Hannah. The first few months are like a dream. Scotty treats Hannah like a queen, hanging on her words, phoning to say goodnight daily, taking her to five-star restaurants, the theater, and concerts, sending flowers and presents frequently, and telling her he is always thinking about her.

Desiring to be married again, after Scotty Brian enters her life, Hannah believes God has answered her prayer for a husband. The theater is an unusual place to meet men since their wives or girlfriends accompany most. The chance meeting prompts her to think the connection is from God and that destiny chose Scotty as her husband.

Several months into the relationship, Hannah notices signs of control and jealousy but shrugs it off as concern and attachment. It is not until after an event at a bar-be-cue with former co-workers that Hannah becomes concerned that Scotty might not be the man she thinks he is. By this time, she is bewitched by Scotty’s charm and determined to make the relationship work.

After the outing, Scotty accuses Hannah of having an affair with a former associate, Lenny Woodson, and becomes obsessed with assaulting Lenny. Scotty’s aggression toward Lenny and his suspicions of Hannah increases. He demands Hannah stop communicating with her friend of fifteen years. When she continues the friendship, Scotty attempts unsuccessfully to run Lenny off the highway, begins stalking him, and telephones early morning, waking him and his girlfriend with offensive, threatening messages.

Only dating Scotty for the past several months, assuming they are in a monogamous relationship and she loves him, Hannah becomes submissive to his requests. She spends less time with Lenny and her friends, hoping it will soften Scotty’s aggressive behaviors.

The more Hannah works to be submissive and respectful, Scotty becomes increasingly aggressive, controlling, and mistrusting of Hannah, accusing her of flirting with every man who smiles or says hello to her. As Hannah surrenders to Scotty’s wishes, she loses her personality and identity. After several requests, she agrees to marry him, convinced God destined her and Scotty to be soul mates.

After the engagement, Hannah hopes the jealousy and mistrust will creep away. She thinks Scotty’s hatred toward Lenny resolves after she ends the friendship until Scotty summons her to his apartment. After arriving, Hannah spots Lenny chained in the basement, and Scotty has a gun to his head. She convinces Scotty to unchain Lenny. Lenny jumps Scotty, the two men scuffle, and Lenny gets shot in the shoulder. On the way to the hospital, the two men agree that Scotty is showing his new pistol, which discharges.

Bedeviled is an intense account of Hannah’s journey from an abusive relationship to finding her strength to live her purpose and discover her truth.

This story shows how even the strongest women can find themselves in an inexplicable situation and what it takes to break free from an abusive relationship.

Bedeviled is a powerful novel that anyone can read but packs an encouraging punch for anyone experiencing abuse within their relationship or struggling with breaking free of one.

BEDEVILED is the gripping debut novel by author B H Carter.