Do you love the quiet time that you spend with God?

I’ve noticed that my day does not go well when I spend less quality time with my heavenly Father in meditation and devotion.

Spending time in devotion is just as important as any of your daily routines – brushing teeth, washing your face, showering, dressing, and combing your hair.

When I don’t devote time to Jehovah, I feel like I’m not entirely dressed. I’ve noticed that I’m kinder, gentler, more sensitive to others, compassionate, and Christ-like when I spend time in devotion before starting my day.

When I study God’s Word, I act like Him.

When I reflect on His Word, meditate on the Word, and internalize the Bible’s sayings, I begin to imitate Christ and draw others to the Christ in me.

This is my prayer, Heavenly Father, that people will see Jesus in me, and it will be not I, but Christ in me, that others see when they interact with me.

Meditational Quote: “My worth to God in public is what I am in private.”

____________________________________________Oswald Chambers

What are your thoughts about devotional time?