Have you ever been in a room filled with people and felt lonely?

Loneliness is a feeling.

There is a difference between being alone and loneliness.

To Be Alone is to be physically separated from others; being isolated with no one else around.

Loneliness is feeling cut off from others; producing a feeling of desolation, bleakness, and sadness from being alone.

An individual could be in a room full of people and feel lonely – desolate, bleak, sad, and that he/she is cut off from everyone else.

If we are a person that feels lonely and wants someone near us ninety-nine percent of the time, we may not be ready for marriage.

All need ‘alone’ time if we are mature and secure in our own worthiness.

A spouse should not be a needy, clingy, ‘want to be with you twenty-four-seven’ or I don’t feel like a complete person mate.

One should feel comfortable stepping away to talk with others and converse with different people at an event.

And when you return home there should not be an altercation with him/her about leaving you alone at the occasion.

It is considerate and loving for the partner to smile, make eye contact, or text from across the room to show they’re thinking of you and love you.

But it’s overbearing if the partner has to stand or sit next to you the entire event and is afraid to talk to other people for fear of being accused of ignoring and leaving you alone.

If one is mature and secure in God and with oneself, alone time is important to get self-evaluate, relax, recuperate, pray, meditate, read the Word, and/or listen to God.

Even Jesus, God’s son, took time to be alone.

So if Jesus, the most powerful man on earth, part man, and part God, needed time to be alone, so do we.

Matthew 14:13 states, “When Jesus heard what had happened to John, he left in a boat and went to a lonely place by himself…………..”

Matthew 14:23 quotes, “After he had sent them away, he went by himself up into the hills to pray. It was late, and Jesus was there alone.”

Luke 5:16 also says, “….but Jesus often slipped away to be alone so he could pray.”

We need to spend more time alone talking to Jesus if we have a problem with being lonely.

As you can see from the above verses, Jesus spent time alone praying to His Father.

It would behoove us to spend time alone praying to our Father instead of wanting or needing someone to be near us continually.

All scripture references from the New Century Version (NCV)


What are your thoughts about loneliness versus being alone?