Last week I demonstrated how to relax the body to calm the mind. Today, we’ll use the mind to relax the body.

Mental relaxation technique

Autogenic Relaxation – unwind the brain to settle down the body.

This exercise works best with eyes closed.

Close eyes.

Breathe in slowly through your nose at a count of ten.

Breathe out slowly through your mouth at a count of fifteen.

Repeat 2-3 times

Continue to breathe in and out as you take this visualization trip.

  • – You have just won a one week, all expenses paid trip to Hawaii.
  • Imagine strolling off the airplane into the 70-degree temperature, being greeted by handsome and beautiful Hawaiians putting leis around your neck.
  • – You check into your suite then stroll the white, sandy beach barefoot, feeling the moist sand beneath your feet.
  • Stop and inhale the fresh ocean water.
  • Gaze at the aqua blue sea as the white caps roll in and saturate your feet.
  • Study the white, frothy foam as the giant tides roll in.
  • – You saunter to an antique, gold chest a few feet ahead of you. A sign is on top, “Deposit all of your worries, troubles, and concerns.”
  • – You open the vault and drop your hurt, anger, frustration, jealousy, fear, doubt, insecurity, health problems and financial concerns.
  • – Now seal the depository with the padlock and throw it into the ocean.
  • – You no longer own the issues you dropped in the chest. They are now in the ‘sea.’

They are no longer your concerns.

Breathe in and out several times as you ‘let go.’

You stroll the beach for seven days and deposit all of your issues into the chest.

My, how time flies…

– You realize your week is gone and it is now time to return to reality.

– You board the plane and fly back to your home country.

Open your eyes, breathe in deeply through your nose and breathe out slowly through your mouth.

Your body should feel relaxed like you’ve been on an exotic vacation.


What did you think of this relaxation exercise?