Good morning world. It is coffee time and it’s devotional time.

I love the quiet moments I spend in the presence of my Heavenly Father.

I love it when He invites me into that ‘secret’ and ‘sacred’ place with Him.

When I start my days off with quality time in God’s presence, the days are more productive and I am a better person.

I’ve noticed that my day does not go well when I don’t spend personal, intimate time in meditation and adulation. Spending the time in adoration of my creator is just as important as my routine in preparing for work – brushing my teeth, washing my face, taking a shower, getting dressed, and combing my hair.

I would not walk out of my house without doing every one of those tasks.

And I feel like I’m not completely dressed when I don’t spend time in devotion with my Father.

It seems as though I’ve forgotten to perform a hygiene function.

I’m kinder, gentler, more sensitive and compassionate to others, and more Christ-like when I spend time in devotion and adulation.

When I study Jehovah’s word, reflect on His name, meditate on His promises, and internalize His commands, I behave more like my Father. I begin to imitate Christ. Others are drawn to the Christ in me.

They don’t see Barbara anymore but the image of Christ displayed in my countenance.

This is my prayer – that people will notice Jesus in me. It will be not I, but Christ in me, that others observe when they interact with me. I pray that others see Jesus in my eyes, hear Him in my voice, feel Christ in my touch, see God’s righteousness when I approach, and Yahweh’s glory when I depart.

 What are your feelings about devotional time?

“My worth to God in public is what I am in private.”
Oswald Chambers