Can you love your wives as Christ loved the church?

According to the Word of God, men should love their spouses as they love their own bodies. No one ever hated their own body, but they feed and care for it. Most of you do what you can to take care of the temple God has given you – eating, bathing, showering, exercising, taking supplements – to maintain your body and live a healthy life. The same thing should be done for your mate – love her as much as you love your own body. The Bible says, “He who loves his wife loves himself.”

Can you give up your life for her?

If not, you’re not ready to be married. God and the Apostle Paul are not only telling you to love your wives but to love us as Christ loved the church, to be willing to give your life for us. Prayerfully it would never come to you sacrificing your life, but you need to assess if you are willing to love your wife that deeply and sincerely.

Can you be the godly ‘head’ discussed by the Apostle Paul?

The definition of head is the position or place of leadership, greatest authority, or honor; a person to whom others are subordinate; a leader or chief. Whew! That is a lot of responsibility. Men, can you comprehend how being a godly man is so important in a marriage partnership? Your role is to make godly decisions, to be honest and just, to lead, guide, teach, and take care of your mate, according to God’s word.

Can you love, protect, prevent hurt, harm and damage to your mate before considering yourself?

This question kind of goes back to the first one about loving your wife as you love your own body. Not only should you love her unconditionally, you should be prepared to protect her and prevent attacks and damage. I sense that most men would take a bullet for their girlfriend/wife but what about allowing others to say hurtful things to her? Or worse – you, her covering, her soulmate – speaking negativity into her spirit.

Can you help your wife grow spiritually after she marries you?

Gentlemen, can you be the ‘head’ that studies the word of God in order to make your wife holy; cleansing her by the washing with water through the word? Are you already immersed in God’s word, filled with His Holy Spirit, led and directed by what His Word says so you can help your wife grow more spiritually after she marries you? Are you mature in Christ enough that you can make your wife holy through the Word, as the scriptures state? You need to come to the marriage ceremony prepared and ready.