If your doctor gave you a prescription for a medication, that could do all of the things listed below with no side effects, would you want to take it?

 Improves working memory, reaction time and working IQ

 Reduces feeling of sickness 30% less

 Relieves stress

 Eight (8) times less likely to die from cardiovascular disease

 Four (4) times less likely to die from cancer

 Decreases blood pressure

 Improves lipid profile

 Improves body composition, increases muscle mass and decreases fat

 Increases metabolic rate

 Improves tolerance of arthritis

 Helps prevent bone loss and osteoporosis

 Slows down muscle atrophy which occurs with age

 Decreases the need for insulin if diabetic

 Helps relaxation in response to stress

 Assists smokers in kicking the habit

 Moderates depression and increases a sense of optimism

 Improves sex life

 Fifty (50) % less likely to get breast cancer

 Less likely to develop varicose veins

 Improves skin

 Improves sleep and helps prevent insomnia

Obesity is the fastest-growing health threat-

Start your prevention prescription today?  

Initiate a healthy eating plan and exercise routine to lose weight.

Practice relaxation techniques to manage and minimize anxiety in your life.