1) Always ask for permission to give feedback or constructive criticism; otherwise, the person may become defensive or not receive your comments.

2) Be sure the feedback will help the individual and is not an emotional release for you.

3) Do not become cynical or overly expressive.

4) Look the person in their eyes to let them know you are sincere. Looking down or away may appear shifty to the one receiving the critique.

5) Find one thing positive they said from the discussion/presentation/behavior that you can start your response with easily.

6) Make your comments, speaking clearly and slowly.

7) Ask the person if they agree or disagree. (i.e., What do you think? Do my comments make sense?)

8) Listen with your heart and not your ears to their opinion.

9) Do not get into a debate over which one of you is correct. The feedback should be given to help the individual become better, and it is up to them to receive your comments or not.

10) Let them know you appreciate them listening to your feedback.