Christmas is on its way!

But first Thanksgiving.

Assisting females to realize their power and potential – To walk, talk, and act like royalty.

StrivingToResolve EverythingSinglehandedlyandScreaming

Try PMS – Physical Mental and Spiritual care-taking.

Unwind the mind. The body will follow.

Stretch and relax the body. The mind will slow down.

Over thirty years of experience: Health and Wellness field – Registered Nurse, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, training director, co-trainer, group facilitator, stress management mediator. Health and Fitness Center co-owner.

Presentations: Tailored for churches and organizations.

Specialties: AODA/Mental Health, compassionate leadership, stress management, health and wellness, health promotion, fitness, group facilitation, and interpersonal communication.

Novelist: Thrillers/Christian/Supernatural/Women.

The first two books dealt with relationships and choosing the wrong mate. Bedeviled 2008. Wormwood, a sequel to Bedeviled, 2011.

Work in progress focuses on spiritual warfare. Short stories appear in Magzter and Bards and Sages literary magazines. The Milwaukee Writer’s Circle anthology also showcases my writing.

Associate Degree in Nursing, Bachelor of Arts in Management, Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Enjoy: Working with diverse populations and females of all ethnicities ages 13 and older.

I am more than happy to assist you with any inquiry you may have and/or provide individualized sessions to your group.